What’s Stopping You?

What’s Stopping You?

Get brake pad replacements in Sulphur, LA

If something or someone runs in front of your car, will you stop in time? Are you worried about braking when approaching a red light? Lambert Tire Service, Inc. offers brake pad replacements and brake maintenance in Sulphur, LA to ensure your vehicle can safely make a complete stop. Our experienced mechanics take care of:

  • Brake pad replacements
  • Brake checks
  • Brake repairs

We work on all vehicle makes and models to ensure your brakes are working properly. Visit Lambert Tire Service, Inc. today to get a free brake check.

5 signs you need to get your brakes checked

You rely on your brakes every time you drive your vehicle. You always want to be sure they are working properly. There are numerous signs you can look for that indicate you should have your brakes checked, including

  1. Hearing a grinding noise when stopping
  2. Hearing a squeaking noise when you press the brakes
  3. Requiring more pressure on the brake pedal to stop
  4. Noticing vibrations when braking
  5. Feeling your car pull to one side when braking

We’ll also look at your check engine light if it’s on. Get quality brake pad replacements in Sulphur, LA today.